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Kathleen Peck Ministries

Kathleen Peck is a minister, advisor and warrior who lives out her passion to see the Body of Christ living in their full potential. Drawing on her call to minister to those who are physically sick and/or emotionally broken and bruised, she works with individuals to help them find their true identity in Christ. Kathleen provides training and teaching on spiritual warfare, healing and deliverance and will frequently use both the Modern Hebrew and the Ancient Hebrew pictographs to reveal His will for us is to live victoriously and in divine health from the beginning guiding people towards freedom as they come into alignment with God's will for their lives. With a deep understanding of the power of God's love and grace, Kathleen is committed to helping people embrace the life-transforming truth that sets us free.

flowing river church

Our vision is to train the saints as loving servants for the enlarging the Kingdom of God here on earth as it is in heaven.

We strongly believe in body ministry and provide ample opportunities for the gifts and callings of the Holy Spirit to operate through all.

Flowing River is a place of deep, Spirit-filled worship creating a continual atmosphere of His presence resulting in free and passionate expressions of love.

​Our ongoing goal is to establish a center of prophetic healing and deliverance along with cultivating diversity in worship through the creative arts.   Music, dance, and all art forms are integral to the beauty and expansion of the Kingdom of God. 

Fulfilling the mandate given to the church by the Lord Jesus Christ, we will continue to expand and disciple believers devoted to seeing the sick healed and the oppressed set free.

 Go, preach, baptize, and make disciples.  Cast out demons and lay hands on the sick and they will recover.  (Mark 16:15-18)

God's View.webp
god's view

God’s View Today is a talk show with amazing testimonies and teachings on subjects that are not often covered in our churches on Sunday mornings.  Some of the topics covered:  Generational Iniquity,  Soul Ties, Spirits of Addictions, Land Assignments,  Cultural Iniquities,  Birth Assignments plus Sounds and Frequencies of Heaven!

clearwater healing house

The Clearwater Healing House is a Jesus Christ-centered healing room ministry staffed with trained ministry teams. Many have been healed and touched through the healing rooms ministry. Watch the videos: (top) “Healed of Childhood Trauma”  (bottom) “Healed from Brain Injury”

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