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Welcome to Flowing River Ministries, a dynamic community that offers a wide range of classes, seminars, and workshops to equip and empower the body of Christ. Our mission is to help lovers of Christ deepen their faith and develop the skills they need to expand the Kingdom of God in their communities and around the world.At Flowing River Ministries, we believe that every believer has been called to be a Holy Spirit influencer. That's why our programs are designed for anyone who wants to grow in their relationship with God, whether they are just starting out on their journey or have been walking with Christ for many years.



In preparation for the last days, our mission is to equip and release Christians with the tools and knowledge necessary for effective evangelism, healing and deliverance. We strive to empower believers to live fearless lives of worship, operating in their rightful position as sons and daughters of God. All of creation is “standing on tiptoe” waiting for the unveiling of the sons and daughters of God who will know how to govern righteously from the heavenly places to exercise their authority over demonic spirits, sicknesses, disease, and other influences that attempt to torment. Ultimately, we want Believers to be “believing” Believers who are fully aware of their position in Him — co-heirs with Christ,—so that they can live lives of passion and purpose fulfilling the great commission for the end-time revival that is now upon us.

I have been so blessed at FRM with amazing, inspiring teaching that make my spirit leap inside of me. I could stay all day and soak it all up!

- Miki

The material does more that scratch the surface. This
ministry goes deep down to find jewels for you to discover. I have grown so much!

- Lynn

All the churches I’ve been to, this is the only one the I’ve actually learned bible prophecy and
spiritual warfare.

- Debra

I enjoyed every word! The knowledge I obtained was profound. 

(First time visitor)

- Alesia

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